Duct winding machines for manufacturing flexible ducts for air-conditioning & ventilation technology

Duct winding machines for manufacturing flexible ducts for flue & chimney technology

Duct winding machines for manufacturing small diameter flexible ducts

Duct winding machines for manufacturing rigid folded spiral ducts made of steel & stainless steel

Pre-corrugated strip material made of aluminium, stainless steel, other

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HAFLEX · The specialist for duct winding machines

You can now manufacture your own flexible ducts easily and economically

HAFLEX duct winding machines enable fast and economical manufacturing of flexible and rigid ducts. Ducts made with HAFLEX machines lead the way in terms of technology and quality and set the standard in markets worldwide. This applies to flexible ventilation ducts or ventilation hoses made of aluminium, to flue and chimney liner ducts made of stainless steel, to special flexible ducts made of other metals, as well as to rigid folded spiral ducts. The HAFLEX system is designed for smooth and virtually location-independent production in the warehouse, in the workshop, in the factory, or even as a mobile system in a vehicle on site.

HAFLEX duct winding machines

Different tools

For every diameter; easy to change

HAFLEX duct winding machines boast a compact design, the use of precisely pre-formed metal strips and the capability to change diameters quickly and easily. This means that ducts with different diameters and even made of different materials can quickly be produced on the same machine. This makes HAFLEX duct winding machines the most economical of their kind.